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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Police Brutality Knows No Bounds

Brutal Police lathicharge on innocent protesters. Seen here is Malabar Hill Police Station's Senior Police Officer, Madhukar Sankhe, who was suspended for his actions soon after the incident.

It is indeed a day to look upon with immense disgust as the city witnessed one of the most brutal attacks by the police on peaceful protesters. The force that's supposed to be the custodian of security unleashed hell at Walkeshwar this evening as Youth For Equality staged a peaceful protest outside the Governor's bungalow.

The students involved were distributing pamphlets to raise awareness about the cause YFE has been involved in when the police force appeared and, without warning, began lathi-charging the protesters.

This act by the police is one of the most inhuman ones, as you shall see in the coming lines:
  • The protest was labelled "violent", which is wholly an untruth
  • Police claimed YFE "gatecrashed" the Governor's house, which cannot be possible if people sit on the road outside distributing pamphlets
  • The DCP claimed that students were not lathi-charged, a most abominable lie
  • Students expressed that they would voluntarily walk into the police vans, but the police still beat them up and shoved them into the vans
  • It didn't stop there, as the students were beaten up even once they were inside the vans
  • Lady students were beaten by male police officers; not just this - there were no lady constables in vans transporting lady students - a clear breach of the protocol
  • As was recorded on camera, persons not in police uniform were involved in the lathi-charge, which is a criminal offence termed "assault and battery"
  • Several of our protesters suffered injury, about 30-50 were grievously injured, while there were some who have suffered bleeding into joint cavities
  • In addition to these, the police's devious tactics included dousing students, especially male students, with alcohol to later charge them with unruly behaviour under the influence of alcohol
  • The police went to the extent of telling protesters that they would rather have the protesters commit suicide than blocking the road outside the Governor's house

The police is only proving that it's a ruthless, mindless pawn in the hands of the nation's politicians.

YFE salutes the indomitable spirit of all the protesters. YFE thanks all those who supported these innocents in any way.

Intimation of our reaction to this heinous act shall be put up in a subsequent update.

Thanks again,

YFE Mumbai.