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This is a forum of equals to oppose the recent CHANGE in reservation policy proposed by the Government of India. We are a non-political, non-violent and united group of individuals.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

YFE needs funds. Please help

YFE is an organization which is fighting the petty vote bank politics of government in the name of 27% OBC RESERVATIONS in central institutes.India stands divided in the name of social justice and its very essential for all of us to take necessary steps before situation worsens.The resposibility of securing future of our Nation is citizen's responsibility and we should not left any stone upturned for the same.Youth for Equality is designed to bring people from different backgrounds and regions on a single platform with a common goal. It is now a registered trust under section 80G of the IT act We oppose any policy, which divides India. We want a policy catering to the genuine needs of all sections of the society.

Legal Battle in Honourable Supreme Court

YFE is currently fighting a legal battle against the reservation policy in the Supreme Court.
Ten petitions filed by YFE on different aspects of the case have been clubbed and are being heard together. A team of top 14 lawyers which includes names like Fali Nariman, Harish Salve, ML Lahoty, Indu Malhotra etc is fighting the case on the behalf of YFE in the apex court Lots of research work and collection of data is carried out on a regular basis in order to strengthen our case.

Why do we need your support?

We have been able to sustain the movement till date due to our sheer determination and dedication. Till date we have incurred a total expense of about Rs 8 to Rs 8.5 lacs on the legal battle. Now with 3 hearings per week in Supreme Court the expenses have increased and on an average we require atleast Rs 2-3 lacs per month to continue this fight . The next 4-5 months are very crucial for our legal fight. Its very hard for us to continue now as we are lacking funds.The hearing has againg started on August 7 with 5 judge bench hearing the case.Till date from 7th august we have incurred expenses worth Rs 2.5 lacs. The expenses are made towards travelling allowance, phone bills, research work to strengthen our case and paper work.Lots of expenses in getting photocopies of documents relesed after every hearing in the case is made. All the expenses are excluding any money paid towards the team of lawyers fighting the case on behalf of YFE in Supreme Court.
We maintain transparency and provide official receipts of any transactions made.

Why you should support us?

The majority of us think that Reservations are not good for Nation's health, but what have you done to ensure that this battle is not lost? Youth for Equality has got a tremendous verbal support. But a verbal support is not going to help now anymore. If we lose the legal battle at this point just because of lack of funds then this will be the biggest defeat of the Citizens in their own nation and will prove detrimental for the future generations. This case is going to determine the fate of reservations in our country. If the decision goes against us then there will be no end to reservations for atleat next 100 years. This in turn will prove disastrous.

So what are you waiting for?

If you consider yourself to be a responsible citizen of India then this is the time to lend your support to us.
"It is never the ACTIVITY OF RASCALS that destroys a society but always the INACTIVITY of GOOD PEOPLE."
Our Account Details
You can send in your donation by cheque/Demand Draft in favour of "Youth for Equality, Mumbai" to
Dr SK Kedia, Flat No 9, 23 Kedia Kunj, JB Nagar, Andheri(E),Mumbai-400 059
Helpline number: 9833158385
Dr Ravikant Singh 9324334359
Rishabh Srivastava 9892757958
You can also contact us on our 24 hour helpline 9833158385
For more information and updates please mail us on yfemumbai@gmail.com