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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pukar - The call

This is it. The D-Day. The final battle.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have sunk into everyone yet. The Monsoon session of Parliament begins on 24th of July, i.e., next Monday, and ends on the 10th of August. The Bill can be passed anytime in between. It may be passed on Monday itself. So next week is the last possible day to spread YFE. And then its going to be the big battle.

Let us all realize this very clearly. IT IS NOW OR NEVER. Now is the time to leave everything else and devote this one week of your life entirely to your country and your cause. No excuse can be given for not working now; that is unpardonable. It is rare that someone gets a chance to do something for his country; we are not going to squander it. YFE was formed for a definite purpose, and it is not going to rest without achieving it.

And for that to happen we need each and every one of you to work his hardest.
So for one week, sacrifice all your serials and movies, sacrifice all your sports, stop discussing Zidane and Materazzi, stop spending hours on Orkut, stop gossiping hours on the phone, and DO SOMETHING FOR YOR COUNTRY FULLY AND WHOLE-HEARTEDLY. For one week do what is given below and then see how together we make the difference.

What has happened since the SC order?
A lot. YFE has been busy strengthening its roots and organizational base. A short recap for those who were out of it.
The engineers got into the act as soon as their exams got over, as promised, and organized a human-chain outside Vashi station. It had a great response.
YFE volunteers went to all the college line of 10th students seeking admission in JCs. The response was encouraging in most places.
YFE T-shirts printed. They are available for Rs. 125 each. All those who want them, please contact the helpline.
On 1st April – Doctors day – YFE members went wearing aprons and spread awareness in all localities from Andheri to Shivaji Park along SV Road and thereafter.
The above activity was also done to get people to participate in the human chain organized along that route on 5th of June. Unfortunately, that could not be done successfully due to the rains.
On 15th of June, Saturday, YFE held a peace march from Haji Ali to Shivaji Park for religious harmony and peace in wake of the bomb blasts and to protest against Maharashtra government surreptitiously passing the bill allowing 50% reservations in all medical and engineering colleges in the state the day after the blasts.
The first National Coordination Committee (NCC) meeting was held on 16 to18th of June to have a uniform stand, demands and coordination. Currently, the second meeting is going on (15-16th of July) at Delhi to decide on the strategy for the monsoon session. The minutes will be put up on the website as soon as everything gets decided.
A music video has been made by Ashok Pandit, lyrics Sameer, singer Roop Kumar Rathod, and is going to be released on either Wednesday or Thursday as per availability of the hall. You will be informed of that when it gets fixed. It will be aired on all music channels.

Plan of Action:
The plan is very simple. We have to spread YFE from a students’ to a mass movement. And for that, we need to go to the people personally. Media coverage alone is not going to help. So whom we need to target include –
Engineering colleges are restarting on Monday, the 17th. We need to talk to all these eng students and get them actively involved. So, each and every engineering student who reads this, please do as follows –
Book a lecture theatre/classroom of your college (or any specific meeting place) on Monday or Tuesday, get all the students of all batches there and talk to them about this. For all willing to volunteer, assign them specific areas or tasks to cover there and then and give them the material for the same. There is no time to waste.
Junior colleges will be restarting this week too. The same has to be done there. This will be better handled if the senior students (degree or 12th std students) of the same college, or atleast ex-students, handle it. Those who had already gone to JCs during the 10th lines, please get in touch with us for the same too.
Degree colleges need to be handled similarly. PLEASE, degree college students, help out the country now.
Railway stations – In order to make this a public movement, this is the most essential thing possible. The above steps are all student specific again. Targeting the masses is a must. It will make people realize that YFE is still alive and will stimulate discussions in the trains and homes of all of them. Plus, when we give one a pamphlet and he has nothing to do during his/her half hour train journey, they are bound to read it. This is the only way to spread YFE in the community.
Specific colonies and housing societies – Everyone needs to put up our pamphlets on the notice board and lifts of their buildings and offices. Plus, they need to cover buildings in their vicinity, as also specific middle class housing societies where people mostly support us.
Malls and theatres – This needs to be done atleast on weekends, when the crowd is more.

If we do this next week, we are sure to win. So please, volunteer for whichever of these suits you for this one week. We have pamphlets ready for all of this. We will arrange to reach it to you at your college or station.

Note the following
People often ask why are you still doing this and what have you achieved till now. Tell them that what we have achieved till now is unprecedented. If the number of seats in IITs are being increased from 5000 to 7500, it is because of us. If the govt is spending 8000 crores on higher education, it is because of us. If the Veerapa Moily committee has been formed, it is because of us. If for the first time in the hiosrtory of India since indepence, Delhi had a 40000 string non-political non-religious rally, it is because of us. Tell them we are now a registered Association and have become a platform for all future batches and generations. And if the reservation will ultimately be foiled, it will be because of us and because their support to us.
They ask you what can you do if they pass the bill. Explain that this fight is not a selfish one you are fighting only for yourselves. It is for all future batches too, so that they don’t have to face any such struggles again. Tell them that you intend to ensure that any govt which passes such a divisive bill will never be voted to power again. We need to have foresight. The Congress today has about 170 seats in Parliament. Imagine if it wins 270 in next elections. No party will think twice before imposing more reservations. Now imagine if it gets only 70!! No party will have the guts to put any more reservations. And that is what we intend to ensure, starting with the BMC elections of Mumbai the upcoming year.
DO NOT WASTE TIME ARGUING OR FIGHTING WITH PRO-QUOTA PEOPLE. Everyone is bound to face them sometime during this activity. Just say that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that you are neither against reservations nor the reserved category, you just want a new commission and an informed decision. You are just there to spread awareness about what you consider to be right and about your organisation, and that is your right. Do not take any panga with anyone.
Read up all statistics about reservations and Mandal on our site. And see our powerpoint presentation. You should be aware before you try and convince others.

Upcoming Events:
The exact dates will be finalized by Monday, but they will include the music video release, a human chain on SV road and probably a rally. Dates to be put up on the site.

Mail in all your suggestions to the yfemumbai@gmail.com

Call up
Dr. Gunjan: 9224460881
Dr. Abbas: 9819605432
Akshay: 9869900455
YFE helpline: 9833158385