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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Celebrate and Prepare yourself for Battle ahead!

Dear Supporter,

First of all YFE must celebrate the judgment with champagne!

What has happened during the last 14 hours!

Judgment came at 10.30! Utter confusion prevailed among YFEians! Senior Advocate K.K. Venugopal summoned to his Supreme Court cubicle! Spoken for 30 minutes and looked very encouraged! Volunteer to fight the case for the nitty gritty!
Harish Shalve was happy and deciphered no quota at P.G. Level.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar called and committed to support YFEians.
Prof. R. Srivinas from Mumbai called and expressed full support in any form.

A group of lawyers volunteered to study and come with a series of question and review petition to be filed soon!

Dr. Shiv Choudhary, now in US, spoiled his sleep and gone through the verdict 370 pages and sent his feedback and directives!

Prof. Indiresan and Dr. Binod Khaitan reached to the media with the most calculated version of YFE response!

More is happening and the YFEians working overtime!

The countdown has begun! YFE has got more than what it demanded! Educational Forwardness has been defined by the Supreme Court and the redefinition of quota politics is in vogue. A Graduate is no more backward - the out come of the verdict - Majority judgment - no quota in Post Graduation education!

There are other thing in this judgment. Justice Ravindran's judgment has not yet been uploaded! Tomorrow the collective conclusion and Ravindran's judgment will be collected from the SC and to be scanned and send to all!

What is the response -

YFE welcomes this decision!
For the first time educational forwardness has been taken into consideration and it is an idea of YFE!
The sound bite quota for Creamy Layer by the political class fall flat! YFE welcomes this!
Merit has been accepted as the most paramount factor in education! The difference between general and quota candidate must not exceed 5%!
Identification will be more stringent and specific!
No quota in private unaided educational institution and this is final!

What YFE will and must do in future!

Tell the civil society - they want excellence - better doctors, engineer, teachers or intellectual pigmy!
When politics decide your future, decide what your politics must be!
Fighting election is no more an option but must be an unavoidable reality!
There is strong undercurrent of unrest all over the country! YFE must capture this dissatisfication!
At the legal front there must be a series of petition on each and every irrational issues and who knows such kind of gifted judgment we may get!


All are requested to work for YFE in some form or in other! Contribute in any possible form and volunteer to work for the upcoming petition, election, social work, research and maintaining the high morals!

The time has come to raise our heads over the stormy water!

YFE never started to get satisfied with a verdict favorable or otherwise! The destiny of the nation must be changed by us only! If the time has not yet come - LET US PREPONE IT!

Youth For Equality
Celebrate and prepare yourself as a tough battle lies ahead.