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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The March: Against Terrorism Against Corruption (ATAC)

Dear Friends,
This is to bring to your kind attention that World Alliance for Youth Empowerment (WAYE) and Youth for Equality (YFE) along with many other groups are going to have a massive rally on March 1st in New Delhi @ Parliament Street.
T H E M A R C H Against Corruption. Against Terrorism
*Date: *March 1, 2009
*Venue: *Parliament Street, New Delhi
*Time: *2pm
Charon taraf andhera har ore bekali hai
Koi nahin batata kashti kidhar chali hai
Majdhar hai bhanwar hai ya paas hai kinara
Ya naash aa raha ya saubhagya ka sitara
Tamvedhini kiran ka sandhan mangta hoon
Dhruv ki kathin ghadi mein pehchaan maangta hoon
* **(Excerpts from a poem By Ramdhari Singh Dinkar)***Before independence this poem…*Inspired a man to awaken and overthrow the shackles of British dominationon his country. **His name was Bhagat Singh.***Today this poem will inspire…*A generation to awaken and overthrow the shackles of corruption and terrorin our country. Our names are many.
*Aiming to mobilise over 1 lakh citizens to march together and raise aunified voice against corruption and terrorism.Pledging to build a corruption free nation.
His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of the Art of Living Foundation,has conceptualized this march to awaken and empower citizens in order to createan on-ground structure that will actually effect a change in societalcircumstances and situations. In keeping with His vision and mission of astress-free, violence-free planet where individuals contribute towards thegoal of a One-World Family, this initiative has a three pronged purpose:-
1) Creating public awareness and mobilizing people, organizations andcommunities towards the cause of rooting out corruption and terrorism from the country.
2) Organizing a forum and an activity structure in partnership with variousNGO's, bodies to involve citizen participation (esp. Youth) in thedemocratic process and address social issues.
3) Taking sustainable action at the grass root level, system level andpolicy level towards nation building*
India has the dubious distinction of being one of the most corrupt nationsin the world, ranking a poor 45 of the 49 countries evaluated on the WorldEconomic Forum Survey 2003 'Honesty' index.A dangerous manifestation of corruption is terrorism. According to thedatabase information released by START (The National Consortium for theStudy of Terrorism and Responses to Terror) 4,108 terrorist incidentsoccurred in India between 1970 to 2004 which put India into sixth place inTerrorism hit nations list. More than 400 people died in terror attacks in2008. The actual figure is unknown.As a country, we need to actively start moving in a concerted way againstthese twin evils that are now threatening our very existence.The support and ownership of civil society is an important element ineradicating the problemof corruption and terrorism.*HOW DO WE ACHIEVE OUR GOAL?*The Youth wing of the Art of Living, World Alliance for Youth Empowerment(WAYE) will spearhead this year-long nation wide movement, starting withthis march, that will have the active support and participation of allsections of civil society including educational institutions, NGO's, Residents'welfare organisations, Youth groups, Social service organisations, Culturalorganisations, Corporate houses, and Individuals from all walks of life.The objective is to awaken and empower people, especially the youth, toparticipate in the democratic process.Under the sensitisation theme of "Make your Country your Valentine", weendeavour to catalyze this movement, across the nation, with a 3 fold solution: AWARENESS,ACCOUNTABILITY & ACTION.*
The aim is to make the youth aware of their role and propel them to bringabout social transformation by active participation in the democraticprocess.**So let us send out a call to our country to create a safe society. A society which has no fear in walking into an airplane, train, bus. Or whenwe enter a mall, cinema, hotel, with our children. Or our very own homes.*
*Let us take responsibility and bring the change- for our future and ourfuture generations**
**Ask not what your country can do for you,**Ask what you can do for your country.*

So this movement is yet another attempt to bring all the concerned citizens on one stage. Hence, we would want all big small groups/association/organizations extending support to this rally. It would be even more great if few of the representatives from your organization can come to attend the same. For more details regarding the same you can visit the website


You can also get the latest updates on the same by sending SMS MARCH to 56767
You can also contact
Saket Kumar on : 09870710963or Dr Kaushal Mishra on: 09868340420